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I’m John Moody, I’m an Independent Associate with The Super Patch Company, who have developed a range of drug and ingredient free patches which meet a range of Wellness and Performance requirements.

These include patches to reduce the risk of Fall and improve Mobility, with others for Pain, Sleep and Anxiety.

My mission at Nursing Management Consultancy Services Ltd is to provide independent social care consultancy services, dedicated to enhancing the well- being and resilience of individuals and communities.

My commitment is to inspire, educate, and support our clients in navigating the complexities of social care, promoting a culture of compassion, dignity, and sustainable empowerment for a brighter and more connected future

Eternal Balance LLP, based in Glasgow, is a premier provider of training and consultancy services across the UK. Specialising in health and social care training, we are a trusted provider of Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs).

Our dedicated team of experts is passionate about helping organisations achieve their learning and development goals. We offer tailored courses and services that foster a humanised, mentally healthy workplace, promoting a culture of learning, growth, and employee empowerment. Partner with us to create a thriving, supportive work environment.

Orbital Net are a leading provider in the UK of fast, reliable, cost effective internet and telephony services. Our primary focus in all instances is our customers and finding the right solutions to match their requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service, providing advice and guidance, and going above and beyond for our customers.

Working with the care sector for over 25 years, we are confident we can help you find the perfect connectivity solution to match your business needs now and for the future.

Tagscout is our multi purpose safety and wellness solution.

It provides Nurse Call, Fall Detection with live location information, contactless door Access Control, Wander Management and Infection Control.

Tagscout uses battery powered Anchors to collect location information and other data. It requires very little fixed infrastructure so is quick and simple to install and can work indoors and outdoors. All this is delivered from one platform with stylish Wareables and an easy to use Mobile App.

At LjB Coach Consultancy ltd we help you grow and thrive. We are dedicated to making a lasting, meaningful impact on your life. Life can be challenging and overwhelming, and there are days when it feels like you're juggling too many responsibilities.

You're unsure which path to choose, which role to prioritise, and which tools to use. LjB Coach Consultancy is here to help you, empower you and support you whilst you grow.

At PASS, our mission is to support care providers to be the best they can be.

Helping to deliver exceptional care by empowering care professionals with our proven, innovative, and reliable care management software, is at the heart of what we do.

Our market-leading, all-in-one solution offers

best-in-class care planning, rostering, and reporting tools. And our UK-based customer services team is available to support you around the clock: 24/7/365.

Bibetta is a company that designs and makes innovative and quality products for Baby, children and adults.

Our Bibetta brand is for babies and children up to 4 years old.

Our Care Designs brand makes products for disabled children and adults.

Inspired Inspirations provides innovative digital solutions to enhance the lives of people in care settings. Their Tiny Tablets touch screen tables are large, interactive devices designed for ease of use, offering a wide range of engaging apps and activities. These tables promote cognitive stimulation, emotional well-being, and social interaction, making them an invaluable tool for caregivers and residents alike.

Pastora provides your care and management teams with guidance and support to look after themselves and others, whilst being dedicated, embracing challenges, speaking openly, and leading gracefully.

When your team is inspired, nurtured and engaged, your operation will thrive.

Is your aim to attract and retain people with the right values, skills and behaviours to provide quality care?

We began our journey in December 2019. We realised after years of working for large manufacturers we could provide more value to our customers by offering them more than a single solution.

We have an agnostic approach in our design of lighting control or smart home automation, we choose the solutions which best fit the customers needs. we do work with a chosen number of valued partners as their system integrator, which means we are the only company to give choice to the customer.

For the past 5 years we have been helping all manner of businesses reduced their annual spend on their essential utilities.

We provide expert analysis of your current bills with a view to preparing a no obligation spend report.

Our proposition is unmatched anywhere in our industry. Our services do not cost you the business any money as our services are totally free to you. We only get paid direct from any supplier whom we place a new contract for you so it is in ours and your best interest to ensure we provide unbeatable quotes and get new contracts placed.

Getting a DBS Check online with Care Check is fast, cost effective, simple and straightforward. Whether you’re after a CRB check, Basic disclosure check, Standard DBS check or an Enhanced DBS check, we offer different levels of checks and you can apply using our online system with ease.

Care Check currently provide over 200,000 DBS checks annually. These include Enhanced DBS checks for people working and volunteering within regulated industries as well as Standard and Basic levels.

ViClairty is a quality and compliance software solution that helps organisations centralise multiple processes across their groups. The system is utilised by over 1000 health & social care locations to automate areas such as Compliance, KPI Tracking Incidents/Complaints, Risk Management, Documentation Control, Action Plans and workflow can be built to automate other manual processes.

Introducing PredicAire, the first holistic care management system powered by Ai.

PredicAire uses Ai technology to give care providers meaningful real-time data on their residents’ health and wellbeing and enable them to predict and prevent unnecessary outcomes.

PredicAire is a seamless single sign on system, which gives everything care providers need in one place without the need to purchase additional products. It is available on multiple platforms including desktop, tablet and mobile devices, which allows the specific user to have the right tools at their fingertips to feel empowered to provide enhanced care.

Immerse Training Solutions are a socially conscious training provider who seeks to deliver high quality training for less cost, enabling Health and Social Care Services to reinvest any savings back into their services, to support vulnerable people.

We will deliver experienced and
professional on site and online interactive classroom based training to your company. We recognise that a high quality of training is a crucial ingredient to ensuring the highest quality of care and support for vulnerable adults and children.

Immerse provides 100% interactive training, which seeks to engage learners in problem solving and discussion-based learning activities. The courses will use real life case studies offering a more meaningful
experience for learners, our aim is to embed knowledge and empower learners to become confident in the subject matter.

Where 4 care are a Free care advisory service that assist clients looking for care and support. We then guide them to providers on our platform who have the capacity to assist. To make the journey as easy as possible for the client we gather as much information as to their requirements and communicate this to the provider in order to create a seamless transition and greater success in obtaining new clients.

Carebeans is a contemporary, innovative software development company based in the UK.

We build highly focused, comprehensive care management software alongside fully integrated mobile applications for domiciliary care, care homes, supported living, independent living, learning disabilities and mental health services.

Founded out of my sincere belief that our Skills, Knowledge and Experience should be able to benefit all, Purchasing For Good is a movement of dynamic change in the Healthcare Procurement Sector by reducing supplier costs, Operating as a Not for Profit Company, profits made will be donated to The Care Workers Charity & world wide positive environmental impact projects."

"Why not be part of the journey with me?"

Inducoat UK specializes in innovative paints using slow-release technology to kill toxic black mould and 99% of bacteria, including cold, flu, MRSA, and COVID-19. Offering a 5-year guarantee, these budget-friendly and eco-friendly products ensure healthier care environments. Contact Jeanette Hamill at
or call 07815530632 to learn more about how Inducoat can protect and enhance your care facilities.

Pollinate Your Success with Beehive Care & Training Group Welcome to Beehive Care & Training Group Training Hive, your partner in fostering precision and diligence through expert training. With over 30 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of courses, including Safeguarding, Moving and Handling, Fire Safety, and bespoke training to meet your unique needs. Join us to cultivate essential skills and thrive in your professional journey. Contact us today!

Restore Datashred secures your peace of mind with industry-leading data destruction services. We offer on-site and secure off-site shredding, ensuring your confidential information is obliterated. Committed to sustainability, we responsibly recycle 100% of shredded materials. Let Restore Datashred be your trusted partner for secure data disposal.

SEED Training is a values driven and highly compassionate training company, David is an ex-nurse and RSW with children and families. An ethical and experienced healthcare trainer, he is trauma-informed and neurodivergent. SEED receives excellent feedback from clients and delegates. David has also been a visiting lecturer at a local college of higher education, and is a former NVQ assessor / Internal Verifier.

Envirisk is an experienced water hygiene specialist based in Sheffield Yorkshire operating throughout the UK.

Offering Legionella compliance and full water management services, we specialise in providing sensible and reliable water hygiene services to the care sector.

We have vast experience in working with complex and unique water systems. Our market leading Legionella risk assessment service make Envirisk a stand out choice to our clients across all industries.

We provide the following services:

1) Legionella Risk Assessments

2) Water Sampling

3) Monitoring Services

4) Tank & System Disinfection

5) Legionella Awareness Training

6) Servicing & Remedial Works

Bettal Quality Consultancy is a leader in the supply of CQC-compliant policies and procedures to care homes, home care, supported living, learning difficulties and daycare services. Our documentation has been approved by the CQC for many years. Bettal policies and procedures are updated to ensure our documentation meets best practices and CQC standards. Our policies and procedures are affordable at just £70 per month.

Please call Kathy at 01697741411,

email info@bettal.co.uk

Albert Cook Managing Director BA MA Fellow of Chartered Quality Institute

A care consultancy with a difference. Introducing a compliance subscription making compliance accessible, affordable and simple to care providers.

Offering free hints and tips via email and collaboration with care providers socially to make compliance available to all.

Harman Beck provide a variety of services designed to meet the specific needs of our providers.

Our commitment lies in offering personalised care that honours the individual preferences and requirements of those we care for

Masson Beckett presents a suite of courses tailored for health and social care professionals, encompassing all essential subjects. Endorsed by CPD, these programs conform to CQC's Skills for Care educational benchmarks.

My Learning Cloud provides a truly blended approach to learning and development through our intuitive e-Learning platform. We deliver diverse and easy-to-use online learning solutions to empower the professional growth of your workforce, unlocking their potential.

We elevate organisations to achieve compliance through adaptable and innovative learning and development solutions. Our mission is to empower and upskill through purposeful and intuitive learning solutions.

Our care software brings together everything you need to manage your social care service and the people providing it. From rostering and scheduling, to care planning, call monitoring and time and attendance, to payroll and invoicing. Plus a whole lot more.

Packed with functionality that empowers users, our software takes the effort out of managing complex home care or cleaning businesses. Like you, making a difference is what we really care about. Tech is just how we do it.

The problem is, running a social care business can be challenging. Without proper guidance and strategic insights for a Social Care Business Coach you may find it difficult to grow and reach your full potential.​

This is where we come in. We’re not just a generic business coaching service. We are specialists in the social care sector, providing tailored coaching that is catered specifically for your needs. Think of us as your Yoda, guiding your business to success

Care Vision is a cloud-based Care Management system designed by providers who have extensive

experience across the care sector. Bridging the gap between care and technology, allowing more

space for human connection. Empowering carers, enhancing well being of people receiving support.

From Care Management, EMAR to Billing and so much more. One roof, endless possibilities.

Please find details below of an exclusive offer on FSB membership for The Care Connector Network members.

FSB provides support for tens of thousands of businesses and their membership benefits include:

Employment Protection: HR advice, Employment law documents and Employment tribunal protection.

24/7 Legal Advice: provided by Qualified lawyers

Health & Safety: support & Documents

Legal Hub of Documents: over 1,400 legal documents/ templates

Tax investigation protection: Protect your business by taking away the stress and cost out of any potential HMRC Investigations with costs covered up to £100,000.

Slow Payment/Debt Recovery Support

PR Crisis Management: protect your Business online reputation

Business Free Banking for Life

Insurance Service: an award-winning business insurance brokerage

Many more business benefits

We have secured a 10% discount on the annual subscription for our clients.

SEAM Group are a provider of asset management, reliability and safety services across a range of markets. In the Care sector we carry out Infrared inspections in care facilities helping owners reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs, whilst improving the safety and reliability of the equipment and the facility.

We provide Service, LOLER and PUWER Certification, a 24 hour Breakdown Centre, innovative and unique Sling designs and a One Stop Shop for all Care Homes needs for Passenger Lifts, Stairlifts, Hoists, Standaids, Slings and Slide Sheets as well as many other products.

However, our core expertise comes from working with our Care Home group partners in understanding their Moving and Handling challenges and providing tailored solutions. Our newly launched National Centre for Learning is a great example of this as we are now able to offer the first nationally recognised “levelled” qualification for People Handling and Risk Assessor train the trainer program.

Claims Management Company assisting businesses and charities in reclaim monies through being mis-sold energy contracts

Please find details below of an exclusive offer on FSB membership for The Care Connector Network members.

FSB provides support for tens of thousands of businesses and their membership benefits include:

Employment Protection: HR advice, Employment law documents and Employment tribunal protection.

24/7 Legal Advice: provided by Qualified lawyers

Health & Safety: support & Documents

Legal Hub of Documents: over 1,400 legal documents/ templates

Tax investigation protection: Protect your business by taking away the stress and cost out of any potential HMRC Investigations with costs covered up to £100,000.

Slow Payment/Debt Recovery Support

PR Crisis Management: protect your Business online reputation

Business Free Banking for Life

Insurance Service: an award-winning business insurance brokerage

Many more business benefits

We have secured a 10% discount on the annual subscription for our clients.

‘ABMA Impact
offers Managers a practical and easy-to-implement solution to evidence their CQC Compliance in the ambiguous areas of Culture, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Workforce Wellbeing, Staff Feedback and Learning.

We offer 3 products

Monthly CQC Guidance and Toolkit for Managers (£25/month)

Workforce and Culture Evaluations and Report (£500)

Full Culture and Leadership Audit and Transformation (£3,500)

Health Care Data Analytics. We build infrastructures that help with employee retention, recruitment and productivity. We are the founders of Peak Performance Management

Employer Protect is a specialist Employers Liability insurance for those employing personal assistants as part of a health care or social care direct payment from £60.48 a year. Give us a call to find out more on 01653 919200 or email us at

As a financial coach, I work with anyone of any age to guide them to achieve their financial goals. I offer personalised support to develop and follow a financial plan that will help them reach their desired outcomes. I help individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, then work with them to create a plan to maximize their strengths and improve their weaknesses.

Standardising the UK’s healthcare training, for a consistent delivery of quality care.

Our mission is to assist with the delivery of the highest quality of patient care, through better staff education, experience and development. We want to do this by implementing a national standard of healthcare training throughout the UK, to ensure a patient-centred approach to care is provided for all..

At Remtek Workplace, we believe that the success of a business starts with its people. Our mission is to empower employees to perform at their best by creating environments where everyone, can work comfortably and effectively, contributing their unique strengths. We offer a comprehensive range of: ·
Scientifically proven ergonomic equipment and assessment/guidance ·
Cutting edge Assistive Technology alongside training on how to use this to best effect ·
Access to work support and services

Croner-i helps thousands of companies in various sectors comply with the law, achieve and maintain best practice, and create value.

We specialise in tax & accounting, human resources, care, health & safety, and a wide range of other sectors, delivering online, actionable information. We support care providers by delivering CQC and Inspectorate updates as well as model policies and HR & H&S support, being a one stop shop for Care Providers compliance needs.